Leading Self

 Join 3Fold’s Founder and CEO, Chloe Gow-Jarrett, to explore and develop your personal leadership.

Working collaboratively with a group of your peers from October to March, you will meet for monthly 2 hour sessions at The Aviary in Vancouver, to build a practice of self-awareness and self-management, declare your vision and goals, receive and give feedback, set and clarify expectations, and lead from integrity.

In each session, you will learn concepts and explore tools that support the development of your personal leadership*. In your group, you will be invited to share what you have learned through your experiences between sessions, and learn from each other. In order to deepen your understanding of program topics, there will be homework tasks to complete and you will meet up with a partner at a time of your choice, following each session. 

Two months after the completion of our program, we will meet again for a two hour follow up and refresh conversation. 

*Building your capacity for self leadership allows you to communicate more clearly, work with other people more effectively and generally experience more ease. Yessss!

Leading Self: High Level Overview

  • 6 x 2 hour in-person sessions over 6 months (7-9PM, October 8, 2019, and then first Tuesdays, November 2019 to March 2020 at The Aviary, 637 E 15th Ave, Vancouver)

  • 1 x 2 hour follow up/refresh session 2 months after main program completion (TBD based on participant schedules)

  • Maximum 16 participants

  • Homework between sessions

  • Accountability partners meet at least once following each session

Click on the boxes above to learn more about the curriculum

Click on the boxes above to learn more about the curriculum

leading self: program Fees

  • $600 until August 31

  • $750 from September 1st until October 8

  • Payment plans available

    • Early bird monthly: $85.71/month over 7 months (invoiced September - March)

    • Early bird in full: $600 (invoiced September)

    • Regular monthly: $125/month over 6 months (invoiced October - March)

    • Regular in full: $750 (invoiced October)

  • Accepted methods of payment: Visa, Mastercard, e-transfer, cheque

  • All fees subject to applicable tax

leading self: alumni reviews

Pushed me out of comfort and routine to really reflect on what I’m doing and where I want to go in life and business. Leading Self’s group format was of great benefit to me: sharing with peers and hearing similar struggles and challenges made me feel less alone and more accountable to the larger group for my own development.

Alison Mazurek, 600SQFTANDABABY

Leading Self gave me the space to explore my dreams and goals, while delivering an unexpected reality check into a relationship I had been putting on the back burner for years: my relationship with myself.

Elim Chu, Brand Consultant 

3Fold’s Leading Self Programs have fostered the honest articulation of vision, values and goals, which has helped to cultivate the culture of personal development at Native Shoes.

Scott Hawthorn, Circus Leader + CEO, Native Shoes

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